Irene Christoforou

Founder and Creative Director

Her love for fashion was strong from an early age and is now part of her life. She started with Interior Design studies at Frederick Institute of Technology and worked in the field for four years. She was then won over by the world of media and fashion, and since 2004, she has been part of SPP Media, initially responsible for the production of the group’s magazines, in 2011 as creative director and for the last four years, as magazines’ editor-in-chief. She is also editor-in-chief of MUST monthly magazine and MAN magazine.

The information she receives daily through her work and the trends that alternate in fashion, taught her to look at everything through different perspectives, to dare and to be more free, not only at her workplace but also in the way she thinks and envisions.

Through the ÉRINE brand she makes her vision a reality. She chooses to focus on the shirt, which she considers to be a necessary garment in every woman’s wardrobe. “By wearing a shirt, a woman can be modest and at the same time sexy, making her more dynamic without losing her femininity.”